Vol 14, No 1 (2014)

Special Issue: Mediatization of the Canterbury Earthquakes

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Zita Joyce, Luke Goode


Heroic Radio: A Study of Radio Responses in the Immediate Aftermath of the September 2010 Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand PDF
Ruth Zanker
Against the Odds: Community Access Radio Broadcasting during the Canterbury Earthquakes: Some reflections on Plains FM 96.9 PDF
Brian Pauling, Nicki Reece
Social Media, Crisis Mapping and the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2011 PDF
Abi Beatson, Angi Buettner, Tony Schirato
www.useless.com: Crisis Communications on Shaky Ground PDF
Kris Vavasour
Quake Aftermath: Christchurch Journalists' Collective Trauma Experience and the Implications for Their Reporting PDF
Sean Scanlon

Book Reviews

Steve Blandford, ed. 2013. Theatre and Performance in Small Nations. Bristol and Chicago: Intellect. PDF
David O'Donnell
Albert Moran. 2013. TV Format Mogul. Bristol and Chicago: Intellect. PDF
Barbara Cairns