Vol 16, No 2 (2016)

Mediating the Real

This special issue of MediaNZ addresses what the ‘Real’ might mean in contemporary media studies. Moving beyond common-sense understandings of ‘realness’ as material world or objective ‘truth’, Mediating the Real seeks to apply psychoanalytic understandings of the Real to mediated cultures. The special issue takes its motivation from currents in critical Lacanian thought which interrogate the political dimensions of the Real’s irruptions into, and intersections with, contemporary culture. In particular, papers engage with mediated cultural formations in order to investigate the Real as an anchor / point of return, as more than / beyond the Symbolic, as radically inaccessible / alterior, as that which troubles the Imaginary, etc.

Table of Contents


Mediating the Real PDF
Misha Kavka, Rosemary Overell


Baudrillard in a ‘Post-Truth’ World: Groundwork for a Critique of the Rise of Trump PDF
Brett Nicholls
Lacan, Laclau, and the Impossibility of Free Trade PDF
Thomas Owen
Australian Culinary Television: Visions of the Real PDF
Bernardine Lynch
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A Dancer, Her Psychosis, and the Black Swan of the Real PDF
Laura Stephenson
‘Death to Videodrome’: Cronenberg, Žižek and an Ontology of the Real PDF
Scott Wilson
Whose Real? Encountering New Frontiers in Westworld PDF
Rory Jeffs, Gemma Blackwood
Tensions and Symmetries in the Ethnographic Unconscious: Lacan, Rain of the Children, Cross-Cultural Trauma PDF
John Farnsworth